Measuring What Matters Tool

Helping communities measure what matters

During our 30 years of evaluation experience, CCHE has seen time and time again that many organizations don’t have the tools they need to meet funder requirements for showing results or to understand whether their programs are achieving their goals. 

We developed the Measuring What Matters curriculum and toolkit to support nonprofits, community collaboratives, and funders who want to understand how their programs are making a difference and communicate the results.

The toolkit breaks down evaluation into understandable steps that people can use to see if they are making progress, to learn how to improve programs in real time, and to share results with their stakeholders, including funders. It is a guide for how to conduct evaluations across a wide range of health-related activities and programs by adapting the six steps in the CDC's Framework for Program Evaluation in Public HealthEvaluationSteps_1-col.png

Each section explains what that step is, why it is important, and provides easy to follow checklists and templates so you can learn how to do it yourself.

To bring each step of the evaluation framework to life we include a case study of a hypothetical program where a community health worker helps people with diabetes be healthy by creating links between clinics and community resources. We include examples throughout the toolkit of how the HealthConnect program team completed the steps to plan and implement evaluation of their program.