CCHE’s mission is to improve the health of communities with collaborative approaches to planning, assessment, and evaluation. 

CCHE provides a range of evaluation and learning services to help partners improve the health of their communities, including evaluation, strategic learning, assessment, and capacity building. Several guiding principles and core areas of expertise cut across all our services. We work closely with our partners to ensure useful and timely results. We aim to integrate equity principles and approaches throughout an evaluation, including elevating diverse perspectives. We excel in developing metrics for hard-to-quantify outcomes such as community impact, system change, sustainability, and policy change.

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CCHE brings over 30 years of experience evaluating health-related programs and initiatives. We provide a range of evaluation services from design and planning to data collection and analysis to reporting and dissemination. We see ourselves as evaluation partners—working closely with our clients and other key partners to develop evaluations that measure what matters to them. Our evaluation approach is: 

  • Collaborative and participatory. We prioritize meaningful engagement from key partners (funders, implementers, grantees) during all aspects of an evaluation process. We work hard to customize tools and use language and concepts that resonate with partners.
  • Practical and utilization-focused. We shape evaluations to be realistic for the scope of the program or initiative and balance rigor with the burden on participants and staff.
  • Mixed methods. We use a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods to provide a comprehensive understanding of program implementation, outcomes, and impact.
  • Flexible. Health-related work is dynamic, and our goal is to ensure that the evaluation stays relevant as a program or initiative learns and evolves. 

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CCHE supports strategic learning and improvement that informs the evolution of programs, initiatives, and organizations. We support organizations as they investigate their current strengths, identify growth areas and develop plans to reach their goals. We create a space for learning by utilizing interactive approaches and tools that engage people and promote ownership for learning across the organization. Our expertise includes the following:

  • Evaluation of grantmaking and community benefit portfolios to inform strategy, including developing partnerships with health systems and funders aiming to be learning organizations.
  • Strategic advising services include needs assessments, strategy assessments, goal setting, and implementation planning.
  • Serving as an emergent or on-call evaluation partner, organizations can leverage just-in-time tailored evaluation support from a team that understands their organization.
  • Helping organizations develop a learning orientation that acknowledges a range of stakeholders, including communities, as experts.  

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CCHE believes that evaluation should be accessible to anyone. We help organizations develop the knowledge and skills to evaluate their internal programs and initiatives. Our services include training, coaching, and technical assistance that builds evaluation know-how among people at any level of an organization. We offer support including:

  • Assessments of an organization's existing evaluation capacity. The development of tailored capacity-building programs that leverage our decades of learning-focused work via customized webinars, in-person workshops, and individual coaching.
  • Concrete tools and training that outline evaluation step by step, like our Measuring What Matters toolkit. We break down evaluation into understandable steps that people can use to see if they are progressing, learn how to improve programs in real-time and share results with their stakeholders, including funders.
  • Clear frameworks that demystify and measure complex efforts, such as building effective collaborations or our Dose method, help communities increase the impact of different health improvement strategies using a common yardstick. 

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CCHE has a track record of conducting tailored assessments and engaging stakeholders to inform planning and prioritize strategies based on data. We bring experience in all stages of assessments, including initial design and planning; quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis; prioritization of improvement areas and future investment; documenting and communicating results; planning for action; and monitoring progress. Our expertise includes the following:

  • Assessing the needs and strengths of communities, whether in the form of a Community Health Needs Assessment for a nonprofit hospital system or a strengths assessment driven by a community coalition. Our assessments are designed to identify the community's health needs, prioritize areas for improvement and investment, and inform the development of interventions to improve community health.
  • Utilizing a tailored mixed-method approach to assess the effectiveness of strategies and provide actionable recommendations for strengthening future investments and partnerships
  • Partnering with organizations to assess their capacity, ability to achieve their goals and the specific capacities they seek to develop and strengthen.