The Center for Community Health and Evaluation (CCHE) is committed to improving community health practice by sharing its lessons learned. Read our reports or contact us to request a copy.

Measuring and Increasing the “Dose” of Community Health Interventions, June 2012 [PDF, 180KB]

Publications related to evaluation of the Partnership for the Public’s Health Initiative

Forging Pathways to the Summit: Evaluating Innovative Approaches to Improving Health Care through CareOregon’s CSSI Program
Executive Summary [PDF, 63KB]
Findings Brief [PDF, 58KB]

Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky Evaluation
Year 1 Evaluation Report, 2008 [PDF, 2.2MB]
Year 2 Evaluation Report, 2009 [PDF, 1.3MB]

The Group Health Children’s Access Fund: Evaluation of the First Year Final Report (PDF, 1.3MB)

Legacy Illuminated: An Evaluation of the Northwest Health Foundation’s First Decade of Community Grantmaking (Executive Summary) [PDF, 115KB]

On Sustainability - Assessing the Long-Term Impact of Three TCWF Initiatives [PDF, 1.79MB]

The Designation of Rural Areas in California: A Public Policy Case Study [PDF, 741KB]

Report on Interviews with Developers and Public Planners: Study on Incentives and the Built Environment [PDF, 235KB]

The Quest for Community Health: Lessons on Improving Health from Nine California Communities [PDF, 492KB]

Improving Everyone’s Quality of Life: A Primer on Population Health [PDF, 197KB]

Improving Stakeholder Collaboration: A Special Report on the Evaluation of Community-Based Health Efforts [PDF, 193KB]

Sober Spirits on the Road: Stop Drinking and Driving in American Indian Nations

Making Outcomes Matter: Evaluating Community-Based Health Initiatives

Health Improvement Initiative: Legacy Evaluation Report: Executive Summary [PDF, 152KB]

List of CCHE team publications [PDF, 87KB]